It is the smallest, simplest, truly global security solution in existence. The Plug & Play hardware allows unit to be installed and hidden in any vehicle. Bundled with at least 12 months global connectivity, the UFind Tracking Systems pack includes the tiny UFind GPS tracking device + accessories, the free UFind app for real-time multi-platform tracking on the go.
Light weight and smaller than a box of matches? Ufind can be hidden almost anywhere in the vehicle .
Global connectivity with no hidden charges? Unique no sim required with roaming Network always searching for strongest signal between vodafone ,Optus, Telstra. Free global coverage in all major countries in the world. No SIM card!

Most trackers connect using a regular phone-style SIM card that can easily be removed, replaced or reassigned. Ufind doesn’t have that problem – making it the most secure and simple tracker on the market.

No need to worry, we will activate your UFind tracker for you using the information you provide on purchasing.
Your UFind will remain “asleep” unless the movement sensor is triggered. When there’s movement you’ll immediately see the device moving on your screen in real time, with an accuracy of approximately 5 metres.
Yes – it’s the easiest way to track your UFind. Get your free UFind app for Android (via the Google Play store) or iPhone (from the App Store). Ufind live allows you to track on computer and tablet also.
It’s the unique last 6 digits digit on EMEI number on the back of your Ufind tracker. You’ll need to enter this ID number for using the app.
That’s the period of time – a minimum of 12 months, negotiated at the point of sale – that your UFind will remain connected via the global telecommunications network.

When you approach the end of your Connectivity Period we’ll get in touch to ensure your tracking is uninterrupted!

Think of it as a virtual security alarm protecting your asset. Once your vehicle has stopped, turn your geofence ON. If your UFind moves outside of this area during this time, it will send you an alert. You choose how big the geofence is. And just like a home alarm, you can pre select time period and date when you require it to be activated.
Yes! You may like to set a large geofence around your suburb, saved under the name “Home”, then save a smaller geofence around your office called “Work”.
If Ufind breaches your geofence, you’ll receive an email alert to your smartphone – but only if you have the UFind app.
Once you’ve signed in, you can change information settings.
Call and inform police immediately that you are tracking your stolen vehicle via UFind. A UFind tracker is an invaluable tool for immediate police response, making recoveries and arrests easier than ever before.
Absolutely. Simply share the email address (login) and password with your family members who you would like to allow to track your progress.
Ufind generally has an accuracy of 5 to 10 meters in any corner of world where it can receive signals from telecommunication towers and GPS satellites.
Ufind will not interfere with the complex electronics found in modern vehicles, such as the vehicle’s management system, on- board computers and mission critical (safety) computers.
We’re constantly expanding our dealer profile so you can purchase online or contact us at and we will provide the nearest dealer to you. Additional units can be added to same account or keep them as separate .
No refunds provided however, we exchange faulty products purchased within 12 months.