UFind Loner Annual Subscription

//UFind Loner Annual Subscription

UFind Loner Annual Subscription

Each UFind Loner unit will require a service. Our annual service package includes unlimited access and unlimited data.


Product Description

  • Loner Portal provides safety-monitoring personnel with a convenient no-install web interface for monitoring LonerGPS devices in the field. LonerPortal includes features for real-time tracking, viewing device activity, and mapping of retrieved locations
  • Instant safety alerting in real-time via Loner Portal Web interface and mobile alerting via email, and text message (SMS) ensures safety-monitoring personnel are aware of special conditions that affect safety
  • No-motion Alerting – worker motion-sensing technology alerts safety-monitoring personnel when a mobile worker has stopped moving for a factory-programmable period of time
  • Emergency Button generates a Safety Alert in emergency situations where the mobile worker is concerned about their immediate safety
  • LonerPortal Call-out List escalates an alert to other safety-monitoring personnel if it is not addressed within a configurable amount of time
  • Beeping and vibration allows the mobile worker to cancel a pending No-Motion Alert, reducing false alarms
  • No-motion Alert Auto-track automatically retrieves a GPS location from Loner GPS when a No-motion Alert has been triggered
  • Emergency Alert Auto-track automatically retrieves a GPS location from Loner GPS when an Emergency Button Alert has been triggered
  • Real-time GPS tracking produces a mobile worker’s location in as quickly as 20 seconds
  • Continuous tracking produces locations as fast as possible in emergency situations, every 5 to 10 seconds apart.
  • Scheduled tracking automates retrieval of locations to ensure a recent location is always close at hand.
  • Loner Portal provides cross-team sharing features to extend safety awareness and increase accessibility of location-based data in times of emergency Compact and discreet design is comfortably worn, ensuring protection at all times
  • 2-way wireless communication enables real-time interaction with Loner GPS
  • Loner Portal includes interactive on-line map that provides context to mobile worker locations