The UFind Fleet solution helps to track vehicles but also is a powerful diagnostic and management tool for transport fleets. Our easy-to-use web-based software helps fleet managers achieve efficiency, cost benefits and safety targets across their fleet.

The UFind Fleet GPS vehicle tracker and software solution will also help measure and improve driver culture. Security, maintenance and fuel efficiency can be improved for savings benefits.

The UFind Fleet GPS vehicle tracker also provides a simple way to get real-time information about a vehicle’s location, speed, risk-profile and schedule.

In addition, our platform stores valuable data such as asset location information, vehicle group locations, time spent at a specific location as well as time on the road.

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GPS tracking from UFind will help you achieve business goals for your transportation fleet making it more profitable.


  • Full custom reporting – all reports available to export to excel
  • 60 day historical tracking playback
  • Geo fence alarms
  • Stationary report
  • Into / out of geo fence reports
  • Over speed report
  • Mileage report
  • Email alerts
  • Wide voltage 7-28v
  • Ideal for self-installation


  • Superior state-of-the-art tracking security
  • Purpose-designed
  • Proven highly effective in recovering stolen assets
  • Combines monitoring and tracking with 24-hour operator response
  • 24-hour live operator monitoring means quicker response times and a higher chance of asset recovery
  • 3 Networks – Roams for the strongest signal
  • Fully-sealed unit (dust/waterproof)
  • Low-cost Monitoring
  • Smallest GPS Tracker on the market (matchbox)
  • NO CONTRACT required

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