The Ufind OBD2  is a compact cellular  4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT tracking device that easily plugs into the OBD port of a vehicle for power. It caters for entry-level tracking and fleet management applications, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Its compact housing contains the GPS and cellular antennas so there is no external wiring required and makes installation a breeze.

The 3D accelerometer and flash memory round out a product that is low cost but still packs a punch. The Ufind OBD 2  simultaneously uses GPS and GLONASS satellites, providing double the number of positioning satellites than standard tracking products. The result is faster acquisition and more accurate and reliable tracking.

  • Compact Housing

    Insert the SIM and clip the housing together. Plug into the OBD port and it’s done!

    Dimensions: 71mm x 46mm x 24mm
    Weight: 150 grams

Key Features:

  • Affordable and reliable, with excellent performance
  • Compact  4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT
  • Concurrent GPS and GLONASS tracking, with LNA amplified signals
  • 3D accelerometer does driver behaviour monitoring including harsh braking
  • Easy install
Applications include:– Fleet Management
– Automatic Odometer Monitoring For Fleets
– Driver Behaviour and Speed Monitoring
– Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

Compact Housing

Insert the SIM and clip the housing together. Plug into the OBD port and it’s done!

Dimensions: 71mm x 46mm x 24mm
Weight: 150 grams

Automotive Power

8V to 36V DC (max)
The Bolt OBD connector can be plugged into 12V or 24V systems

Operating Current:
25-50mA average (when tracking)

Sleep Current

The Ufind OBD 2  passes stringent automotive power “load dump” tests to ensure that it will continue to operate in the harshest electrical systems. A built-in self-resetting fuse makes installation easy and safe.

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Concurrent GPS and GLONASS Tracking

  • Concurrent GPS and GLONASS tracking
  • 72 channel high sensitivity receiver
  • -169dBm industry leading tracking performance
  • Optimal hot-start performance
  • AssistNow Offline aiding data for extremely fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments

Low Noise GPS Amplifier (LNA)

The OBD 2  GPS signals are boosted by a special low-noise amplifier (LNA). This allows the Ufind OBD 2  to operate where normal units will fail to receive GPS signal.

Even when designing a low-cost device Ufind  is not prepared to compromise on the performance of the product. You will see the difference if you compare device performance in low signal environments.

 4G LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT

The Ufind OBD 2  can be manufactured for specific markets around the world with cellular modem modules approved by all the major networks.

4G Modem:
uBlox SARA-R410M modem operates on all major global LTE-Cat-M1 and NB-IoT bands. These new low-power networks are specifically designed for IoT applications, providing great battery life.

Supported LTE Bands:
1-5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28

Internal Antenna

Internal GPS and cellular antennas.

Having the antennas inside the housing makes for very simple and quick installation. The Ufind OBD 2  has had its antennae tuned by the top laboratories to ensure optimal performance.

3 Axis Accelerometer

The 3 axis accelerometer allows the Ufind OBD 2 to detect harsh driving events (harsh acceleration, braking and cornering) and this information can be used to monitor driver behaviour and unsafe driving. It also allows the Ufind OBD 2  to go to ‘sleep’ when not moving, resulting in extremely low standby current.

Flash Memory

The Ufind OBD 2  has sufficient memory to store over 50,000 records in its flash memory. Normally the data will be sent to the server immediately but if the device is out of range then there is sufficient space to ensure that no data is lost – for many weeks of driving!

The flash memory is also used to store parameters, GPS aiding data, accident data, driver lists, geo-fences and other important information that needs to be securely stored.


One year manufacturer’s warranty