• UFind Theft Recovery Jet Skis

Suitable for Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats, Caravans, Motor Homes, Machines, Plant Equipment and more.

Vehicle theft has been and always will be a universal crime that concerns all car owners around the world. Insurance can of course cover some of the loss when a vehicle is stolen, but not 100%, and not when one considers all the trouble and agony a car owner has to go through. With the evolution of modern wireless communication, GPS stolen vehicle recovery systems offer an alternative solution to tackle one of the oldest crimes- theft.

A UFind Theft Recovery GPS tracking system is the best solution for providing immediate alarms and recovery of a stolen vehicle.  There are times when vehicles are in areas where there is very little or no GPS signal reception, that is, inside shipping containers or when GPS antennas are blocked, it becomes impossible to seek real-time location data. For business owners with delivery vans, construction machinery or tractors are stolen, the loss is uncountable and so much greater than losing private cars.

By installing the UFind Theft Recovery tracking system, immediate alarm messages can be sent to owners.  You will be able to monitor where your vehicle is travelling, determine its location and alert authorities to action based on information we provide.  Also, because the UFind Theft Recovery unit is completely covert, it can be well hidden, with no chance to cut off antennas, or it being tampered with.


  • Recover stolen vehicle
  • Reduced insurance premium
  • Track your vehicle 24/7


* Includes 10 location credits